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Hello everyone! The person in the picture is me, Alexandru, I'm 22 years old, I've been living in Italy since I was a child, and I'm the founder of this project born in 2018. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 community in Romania, as well as the international one, needed a detailed map where kilometers are almost real to simulate the real life of a truck driver! I started from scratch and began this project with the desire to create something important for all those who are passionate about this game and who were looking for something unique in this sector of map mods. In the meantime, other guys passionate about roads, infrastructure, and especially this aspect of translating reality into the game, have joined, and today, together, we manage to extend the map, kilometer by kilometer, road by road, town by town, and offer, for a fairly affordable price, a premium experience to everyone in this game. Our happiness as developers is when our fans tell us that they can't believe we've reached them through their town/village and that they recognize almost 1:1 the area where they live day by day. Coming back to us, currently, our team, besides me, consists of another 4 members (Alex1289, Alex563, AndreiAlx and Andu), and together we hope to bring this project to a successful end!

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About the Project

This map, to reach the current stage of 50% completion, required a total of approximately 35,000 hours, and we still have a lot of work to do before we achieve our main objective, which is to realize at least all the main cities in the country! To make this project feasible, we chose a scale of 1:5. What does this mean? It's quite simple: practically, 1 km of reality on our map is reduced by 5 times to 200 m in other words, we shrink reality by 5 times. Why didn't we choose 1:1? Such a project is impossible to achieve in a reasonable time and requires a titanic effort that we cannot sustain. We preferred to work on a larger scale but with very high quality. If you're wondering what experience you can have playing on this map, it's good to know that there aren't just a few hastily made roads, but each route has its own story. We always try to search for key elements that represent an entire area and community. Many 3D models are created which greatly enhance the realism we find buildings, signs, gas stations, specific companies, monuments, and trailers. We primarily work with Google Maps Street View, but it's not always up to date, and in these cases, we need footage that, if we can't find it online, is often sent to us by those who live and know the area, which greatly pleases us because we realize that this is a project that connects us all to the same goal and we are proud of what we do every day. Returning to the project, on average, we release a new version every year, and this is purchased separately from the previous one. A new version contains at least 500 km of new roads + any necessary rebuilds. To represent the number and version of the versions, we use a fairly simple method: the version number is given by numbers, for example, the first version was 0.1 and every year when we add new content, we increase by 0.1 so we went to 0.2 in 2019, 0.3 in 2020, and so on until v.06, the last released. When the game updates to a newer version, we are forced to convert the map and publish a variant from the original version; when this happens, a letter appears next to the version number (we start with a and advance with b, c, and so on) until we release the next version with new roads and cities. Those who choose to buy a version from us are entitled to the respective version + possible variants depending on the game updates, but they do NOT have the right to the next version for the same money. On average, if you want to have all our content up to date, you pay the same amount every year plus or minus possible price increases or decreases depending on the problems that may arise. If you don't want to pay for the new version that comes out every year, you can buy the VIP level which includes receiving all versions for life plus the possibility to test the map with the latest updates prepared by us developers before they are made public.


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